We will not just Design your home, which everybody does. we will fill the soul of creativity with your aspiration in to it. Therefore, we are not just designers, we are much ahead of them of all. As we believe every space speaks its craftsmanship. We at “VM DÉCOR” believe that Interior Designing is an art of structuring, arranging, furnishing, and decorating the surroundings that makes your living healthy and lively, keeping in mind the convenience & space for your various activities, comfort, luxurious ease, celestial ambience, and rejuvenating indulgence to your keen senses for Luxury, Architecture and Lifestyle. In the course of recent years, the ‘VM DÉCOR’ Interior Design group has scoured the globe for innumerable assets that empower us to give an assortment of extravagance interior design administrations to our customers in ventures with different degrees and spending plans. The extent of our firm, size of our global interior design extends, and long-standing associations with sellers in dealing with the determination, obtaining, and facilitated establishment of Residential, Contract, and Hospitality interiors is unmatched. ‘VM DECOR’ is separate from other interior design firms in that we offer Interior Detailing as a discretionary piece of your full-benefit design bundle, bringing about a consistent design/construct process.

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  Your dream home in minimum steps! Looking to design your home interiors? Here’s how you can get started. Meet Our designer. It all begins with a form Let’s get acquainted. The more we learn about you, the better we can design your home.  Get free consultation Talk to your designer and get personalized designs and quote for your dream home. Book VM DECOR Once you’re happy with what we’ve proposed, Finalize your home design It’s time to deep dive into the nitty-gritty’s. Pick your favourite materials and finishes.

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A Home, Kitchen or Home office interior is a word that describes privacy and comfort. You may be wondering why the house needs a interior. Home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a place to relax after a hard day’s work. People want spacious and elegant bedrooms. Commonly, the basic perception of a home includes a small lounge suite with a walk-in closet, a king-sized bed, and a few luxuries. As one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we can help you design a stunning home interiors that is spacious, functional, modern and aesthetically pleasing. We offer the interior design services in Bangalore

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The best in town

Our interior design process begins with the development of a concrete interior design work plan. Our work plan defines all goals including timing, overall budget, deliverables and available resources. Also, carefully measure the available space and estimate the square footage. We then start the entire process of designing and developing your home in Bangalore. We will present various plans to the customer and proceed with the plan that the customer has completed. Once the plan is finalized, we will move on to implementation. We offer a wide range of interior design services in Bangalore including painting, structural renovation and furnishings.

Our methodology

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You may be wondering how we work. We have been providing interior design services for 15 years and today we have established ourselves as one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore.We follow a very simple design process but we have our own The interior design of  is not at all complicated and should be well managed.

First, we interact with our customers to understand their needs and wants. Customers often have a basic idea of how their home should be designed. We aim to make their dreams a reality by depicting their imagination. We improvise and focus on adding the best to your design, providing suggestions and recommendations. Apart from that, we bring the best interior designers close to me and I try to understand my clients’ lifestyles, preferences and personalities and incorporate all of these into my designs.
The second step is to choose the best raw material for your room. In general, there is the idea of creating a timeless and eternal space. Therefore, materials that are durable and wear-resistant are preferred. Apart from that, we consider maintenance costs and other factors when making decisions.We work with the outside world to help our customers obtain high-quality, low-priced materials. A budget interior designer in Bangalore can help you.

The next step is manufacturing. It doesn’t matter if the designer has put the effort and effort into designing and manufacturing the best interiors to beautify your home. 

• We constantly carry out quality checks to ensure that all items that fit into your home are of high quality and durable.
Finally, the final step is packaging and installation. We will pack the item and ensure that it will not be damaged during delivery to your home. Ensures a smooth, user-friendly installation without danger


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1.All types of Electric & Plumbing Work

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